Mark Rodda, CEO, FREE Eyre Limited

CEO, FREE Eyre Limited

“Our shareholders and clients are spread throughout rural South Australia and effectively connecting with them is often a challenge. In reviewing our communication strategy, existing social media presence and marketing budget, we realised that we needed professional help to cut through to our target audience.”

“We decided to give Wright Social a crack and I can honestly say, we have not looked back since.  In fact, so impressed were we with their intimate understanding and capacity to reach our audience, we continued to increase our association with Wright Social to the point where they now manage a completely integrated social media, website and graphic design service for our company. 
We would not be where we are without Wright Social.”

Ron Hacker

Australian Rangeland Society

Wright Social undertook the establishment and initial management of the social media accounts of the Australian Rangeland Society. We were very satisfied with the launch which this project provided in modernising the Society’s communications, and found Heidi both highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation seeking to break into the social media space or requiring professional management of their existing social media communities.

Rebel Black

Director, The Rural Woman

Heidi was a joy to work with. Heidi delivered exactly as she promised, ably guiding the conversation about social media marketing both on the phone and via email (which was fantastic!) and I now have a very easy to use social media strategy for all our primary markets and products/services. She provided an exceptional process that I will be able to replicate in other areas of our marketing as we go forward. I can highly recommend Heidi as a knowledgeable, reliable and efficient professional, and as an inspiring rural woman!

Luke Bowen

CEO, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (2008-2014)

It’s refreshing to find someone who can drive your social media strategy that cares a much as you do about developing an understanding among your target audience for what you do and why! I can highly recommend Heidi to any organisation looking to outsource the management of their social media accounts whilst wishing to keep things simple for you and your staff.

Karen May

CEO, Territory Natural Resource Management

Heidi was engaged to implement a social media policy and strategy for our organisation; and she also mentored staff in the appropriate use of social media.

Heidi is an enthusiastic, enjoyable and professional person to work with. Her easy-going nature puts people that would have been nervous using social media at ease and her ability to simplify digital and social media is refreshing. Territory Natural Resource Management hopes to continue working with Heidi into the future and would highly recommend her services.

Neil MacDonald

Regional Director, NT Government Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries

Heidi is passionate about social media and managed to persuade many of us to feel the same. She injected a sense of fun into all her tasks, so staff were all keen to work with her. She is very efficient so tasks were completed on time and on budget, and she was conscientious about documentation. She is a total self-starter, managing her own program and her own time. The pastoral program was the envy of our other divisions for having found someone like Heidi to teach us about social media. I would recommend Heidi to any organisation that needs to revitalise their communications. We found her a great pleasure to work with.

Bill Grose

Executive Officer, Katherine Regional Arts

Heidi was working with Katherine Regional Arts for only a few months but in that time she improved our reputation with stakeholders (including funding bodies) from barely visible to ‘on fire’ (an actual quote from stakeholders!). Heidi inspired our staff, our management committee and our volunteers to revitalise all of our communications channels, from Facebook to newsletters, media releases and posters. She left us with a suite of very practical templates and tools which have resulted in lasting productivity gains and she put us in touch with a range of new friends and contacts. We wish she was still living in Katherine, but we know we can still call on her expertise when we need her advice.

Jed Matz

CEO, Cattle Council of Australia

Heidi knows how to build valuable relationships. She is vigilant, has strong time management skills and understands the online/digital environment. In her communications role with Cattle Council of Australia, she was the driver behind the development of the Rising Champions Initiative, which is a young beef producer development program. This program is still going strong today and is one of Cattle Council’s premier initiatives.

Austin McLennan

President, Australasia-Pacific Extension Network

Heidi was a great help to our organisation in getting us to think and act more professionally with our use of social media. She helped us to get together a written-down social media strategy that will be of great assistance in the years ahead. Importantly, she delivered this strategy at a cost that was appropriate to the financial resources of our organisation. If tomorrow we found that we had the ability and need to take our social media and strategy to a new level, we would definitely be talking to Heidi again.

Johanna Bell

Arts Director, Katherine Regional Arts

Heidi completely overhauled the way we saw ourselves and in turn, the way others saw us. In only a few months, using e-newsletters and social media, Heidi helped us catch the attention of new markets and funding bodies… I would love the opportunity to work with Heidi again. Heidi created a process whereby people felt heard while ensuring that targets were met on time and within budget. I learnt lots about strategic communications planning and was impressed by her suite of skills in film making, web design and social media.

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