Social Media Engagement Strategy

Social media has changed the way regional businesses, remote service providers, local government and community groups connect, exchange ideas, gain feedback and distribute information.

Uncovering the right strategy for your organisation is fundamental to success on social media.

In designing your Social Media Engagement Strategy, Heidi meets with you to ascertain exactly where you’re at, where you want to be and how social media can help you get there. Heidi then creates your tailored Social Media Engagement Strategy from the ground up.

Wright Social strategies are simple, flexible and strategic, delivering you affordable and adaptable solutions that are Big on creative and Small on bother.

“Our shareholders and clients are spread throughout rural South Australia and effectively connecting with them is often a challenge. In reviewing our communication strategy, existing social media presence and marketing budget, we realised that we needed professional help to cut through to our target audience.  “We decided to give Wright Social a crack and I can honestly say, we have not looked back since. We would not be where we are without Wright Social.”
Mark Rodda, CEO, FREE Eyre Limited – CEO, FREE Eyre Limited

If tomorrow we found that we had the ability and need to take our social media and strategy to a new level, we would definitely be talking to Heidi again.

Austin McLennan – President, Australasia-Pacific Extension Network
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The ‘Wright’ process to designing your strategy


Wright Social takes the time to understand your organisation’s operating environment, including the internal and external influences.

Wright Social analyses your audience to better understand their motivations, interests and decision making processes, including where they like to spend time online. Heidi Wright (Wright Social’s social media strategist) uses these insights to uncover your target audience personas. Personas then inform the content strategy.

Message design and strategy 

Wright Social works with you to identify the limitations and opportunities of your internal and external business environment. This includes looking at your current and future capacity to deliver on strategy goals. Heidi aims for a balanced and flexible strategy to allow alignment to goals whilst accommodating the ever-changing operating environment.

Insights uncovered in the research phase highlight opportunities to place the end-user at the heart of your social media strategy and better connect your message with those who count.
Wright Social sets out the who, what, when and how to your social media strategy. Wright Social helps you integrate traditional communication tactics with your current or planned social media activities.


Wright Social can implement your strategy for you under a Community Management partnership or we can simply get you kick started in the right direction with the Budget Start Up Package. Either way, we work alongside you to resourcefully implement your strategy, so even if Wright Social is managing your social media, your team can contribute as well!


Wright Social ensures that your commitment to grasp new ways of improving engagement with your target audience shows a measurable uplift in the effectiveness of your overall communications. Wright Social identifies the analytics that matter to your organisation, so at any time the team can report on performance against objectives as set out in the Social Media Engagement Strategy.


Wright Social keeps your Social Media Engagement Strategy relevant and effective by optimising your content strategy based on insights into end-user behaviour.

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