Analytics & Reporting

Any organisation spending time on social media needs to be able to accurately measure the impact their activities are having on their bottom line.

In order to understand how your organisation’s investment in social media is paying off, Wright Social measures your social media return on investment (ROI). Here’s how:

Step 1 » Measurement

  • Wright Social aligns key metrics with each objective.
  • Wright Social then identifies targets for each quarter and puts systems in place to measure if they’re being met.
  • Wright Social tracks conversions and calculates ROI (relevant for Facebook and Twitter Advertising).
  • Wright Social tracks trends and successes across campaigns.

Step 2 » Reporting

Wright Social compiles all data into an easy-to-digest quarterly report that shows you how your social media activity has performed against objectives. Wright Social reports on what counts, including:

  • Which posts are performing best, taking into account click-through-rate (CTR), fan reach and engagement.
  • The best time to post, including which day and what time (informing better content strategy decisions).
  • Which social accounts are generating the most website referrals.
  • Insight into who is using your social accounts (geography and demographics) and who is interacting the most with your brand (circle of influence)
  • Performance of campaigns and Twitter/Facebook advertising
  • How you stack up against similar profiles/pages in your industry!

Step 3 » Analyse and Optimise

Based on insights into end-user behaviour, Wright Social provides key recommendations on content strategy and overall marketing direction for the upcoming quarter.


When partnering with Wright Social to look after your communities (Community Management) quarterly impact reports are included as part of our service to you.


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